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I’ve wanted to visit Japan since I was a little girl and for some reason I have continued to put it off. That is until recently when I decided that I just had to go. I’m always very adamant about getting a cheap flight price and a deal on accommodation This often requires dedicated time to research. Knowing when to book is also key and I have also found that rates are higher on the weekend than they are during the week.

Using Skyscanner I found a return flight on Japan Airlines for 771AUD. I could have flown for cheaper on different airlines but instead of a 10 hour non-stop flight I would have been looking at 1-2 stop overs with an added 6 hours minimum in travel time. I checked with Japan Airlines to see if I could get the same rate booking directly but their cheapest fare was 850AUD.

What is the benefit of booking directly? I saved apx 80$ by not booking directly with Japan Air but because of that I am not able to select my seat on the plane until 24 hours before the flight. Booking through third parties does not always limit your seat selection ability but it just happens that the rate I am flying under is a promotional fare and promotional fares come with many restrictions.

Accommodation. I am travelling to Japan solo so I don’t need a huge room. After searching a few blogs written by solo female travelers I had a list of a few capsule hotels in Tokyo that cater to women. Akihabara Bay Hotel is an all-female capsule hotel with a near perfect rating and a great central location. I always price check with third parties, google and the hotel directly. Akihabara Bay Hotel ranges from 50AUD to 130AUD per night. Same rooms, just different sites. Crazy right!? In this instance I was able to use my Expedia membership points to get a further 10AUD off the booking price of an average 44AUD per night.

So where are we at?

JAPAN AIR Return non-stop 771.00

Akihabara Bay Hotel 8 nights 355.00


Current total: 1,126.00

That’s right… I am traveling to Tokyo Japan for a total of 1,126.00AUD.


Getting Prepared! There is nothing better than visiting a country and being able to communicate with the people in their native tongue. Japanese Language School. I’ve enrolled in a beginners course to start learning Japanese! Knowing even just a little bit of the native language of your destination can boost your confidence and it’s a great way to show care and respect to the people you will meet in your travels.

11 weeks Japanese Language School + Materials 580AUD

From there I just need to navigate my daily budget. I am giving myself a challenge of a 1k budget for 8 nights. That’s 125AUD per day. On this trip I will be travelling in and around Tokyo but will not be making use of the JR Rails Pass which is 382AUD for unlimited 7 day use. I highly recommend the JR Rail pass but since this is my first trip to Japan I want to stay local and get my bearings.

Luckily Japan has an intricate system of public transportation that can be accessed for a daily unlimited pass of 9AUD. A return train trip from Narita International Airport into Tokyo can be purchased for 4000 yen, which is apx 53AUD. Meals vary in price and I am allotting a large part of my budget for SUSHI!

Price Match Guarantee. Think you’ve got the best price but still hesitant? Look for booking sites that offer Price Match Guarantee. From the time of booking up until the time of your reservation if you see your accommodation with the same booking conditions for a lower price you can take a screenshot, make note of the page URL and send the details over to your original booking site to get a price match. It’s that simple.

The Key to securing the best rate is being flexible with dates and being ready to “pull the trigger” when you see a great rate!

Stay Tuned for more travel tips…


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