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Guide to getting a good sleep while traveling

Sleep can be a tricky thing when you have the mix of jetlag and excitement plus sleeping in a place that is foreign to your mind and body.

Plane travel: Do you sleep or stay awake? Getting comfortable on a plane can be tricky especially in economy. It is important to wear comfortable clothes and invest in a travel pillow that will give your head and neck comfort and support during long haul flights. Try and line your sleep up with the time in your destination. If you arrive at your destination in the morning then try and sleep on the plane and if you arrive in the evening at your destination then try and stay awake on the plane. Bring items that will help you to either sleep or stay awake such as, travel pillow, blanket, E-reader, downloaded movies, music etc.

Once you have arrived you will be very excited to explore and this can make it hard to fall asleep and to stay asleep. I like to bring some melatonin with me on trips. It is an all natural tablet that makes it easier to fall to sleep and have a good nights rest. I also like and recommend sleepy time tea. If you are having troubles relaxing perhaps it would be beneficial to write down your thoughts, figure out a strategy for the next days adventures and what you want to see and do. Once that is out of your head put some relaxing music, take a bath or shower to relax the tension and excitement coursing through your body and then go to lay down with a hot cup of sleepy time tea.

Having a big meal can also help you to fall asleep as your body will be working overtime to try and breakdown and digest the food.

Can't sleep? Hit the gym! Getting a good workout in can relieve your body and mind of stressors and allow you to relax beautifully into a peaceful nights sleep.

When all else fails? Take a walk. Fresh air and a thoughtful stroll can put you in the right mind of comfort and abandon. Walk until you feel that you are ready to relax.

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