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4 places you need to visit

The hip and "in" spots are changing more and more with the large influx of the travel geared generations. Tourism brings great revenue to local businesses and creates jobs but it can also be hazardous when businesses don't follow code and tourists don't treat their surrounding with respect. When we travel we are a guests in a foreign land. Treat each travel destination as though it were your own land, your own home, your own people. Be kind and mindful, always.

Japan: My personal number 1 destination, I could readily eat my way through Japan! Tokyo in particular is a universe all of its own. I could eat sushi from the break of day into the long hours of the night. But even if you are not particularly keen on sushi Tokyo has so much more to offer. From its vibrant city lights, Geisha houses, all night Karaoke, and ancient temples, to its distinctive fashion, Tokyo has it all!

Egypt: An ancient land that has stood the test of time. Egypt should be on everyones #BucketList. Need I say more?

Vietnam: A long forgotten country that is still a baby in the tourism industry. Vietnam is full of culture, history and beautiful beaches. The people are kind, the food is delicious and it is a very affordable destination.

Australia: Yes Australia really really does exist! There is actually a tale going about that Australia doesn't exist, but I am here to tell you that it does. Growing up all that people in the west (USA) knew about Australia was that there were crocodiles and a guy named Dundee wrangled them. Australia is an amazing country with vibrant city life, a never ending mix of foreign cultures, beautiful beaches, and a vast outback of endless kilometres to be discovered. Whether you are into hiking, surfing, city life, beaches, diving, skiing, or just relaxing Australia has got it all! Plus the drinking age is 18 years old so its great vacation to treat yourself to if you've just graduated highschool.

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