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Over the years I have tried many travel styles including the overly full checked bags that become like cumbersome weights of doom. As travelers we tend to pack more than what we need and then end up having to buy another suitcase to bring back any souvenirs or shopping. So how can we escape the dread of overpacking? Make a list of all the items you think you will need. Figure out how many days you need to pack for and highlight any occasions/events where you may need particular items such as a suit or cocktail dress. Pack clothing items that can interchange with one another to create a new look. Make sure what you are packing is going to be comfortable to wear as you may be touring and/or walking for longer periods of time than usual. Once you have made your packing list and set out the items that you want to pack now comes the time to trim the fat. Seriously evaluate your options and cut out any items that will not provide you with maximum use and benefit. Wear the bulkier items on the flight to save room in your bags. This is a really great strategy especially if you are traveling with only a carry on which is how I have begun to travel most of the time. Wear your sneakers and pack your thongs. I always like having a sweatshirt or hoodie as airports and planes can become very cold. Minimize your toiletries with travel sized reusable containers. If there is an item that you can buy cheaply at your destination then perhaps save room and weight by planning to buy it rather than bring it. You're going on vacation so try no to bring your whole life with you. This is a chance for you to escape your reality and transport yourself into a new world!

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The most expensive part of your vacation is usually the plane tickets. If you're like me you keep an open mind and schedule when it comes to traveling and therefore you can be an opportunist when a cheap flight fare arises. Maybe you get a cheap fare and maybe you don't but one thing that is guaranteed is your ability to travel affordably without sacrificing an amazing experience. There are many apps available now to you for free that can help you easily track your spending and manage your budget. The first thing is to know what your budget is. How much do you have to spend and how many days are you planning to travel for? Obviously to get a daily budget you want to divide your total budget by the amount of days you will be traveling. Once you have a daily budget you can decide how you wish to allocate funds. What will you need to pay for on your trip? Accommodation, meals, entertainment, transportation, visas, wifi, and souvenirs. You have many options for accommodation including hostels, room shares, hotel rooms, vacation rentals, camping, and staying with friends or family. Make sure you check with many travel sites and even directly with an accommodation before you book to ensure that you are receiving the best deal. Many travel booking sites now have a Price Match Guarantee which means that up until the day of your arrival you can request a price match if you see your accommodation choice being advertised for the same dates and T&Cs at a lower rate. Are you actively collecting points or a member of a hotel chain? You can use points towards hotel rooms and even get free nights stay with hotel chain memberships. Hotel chain memberships can also give you the benefit of free wife, free breakfast and discounts on lunch and dinner as well as drinks. Plus you are often eligible for a complimentary room upgrade when available. Are you traveling with a group? Make sure to call and inquire about group rates. What about activities? You can always book your activities ahead of time online or you can arrive at your destination and source some information on activities. Many companies have an online presence or offer their tours and activities through travel sites and apps but going to the source, may find you the better deal. No matter how you choose to book, remember to price check and read reviews of other peoples experiences. Your fellow travelers opinions can be a huge help in you deciding which tour/activity will best suit your style and needs.  Food, the sustenance to survival. You have the options of restaurants, food stalls, fast food, all you can eat buffets, grocery stores, etc. If you have a fridge or kitchen in your accommodation you will be able to save a lot of money by purchasing items at a grocery store and preparing your own meals. If your plane ticket doesn't include a checked bag make sure to pay for it ahead of time online as prices at the airport check-in will be heftier. This applies also for excess baggage. Planning ahead and knowing your limits will greatly help you to have an amazing trip without breaking the bank!

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